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Web3 Leap: Meson Network Elevates Highly Anonymous RPC Services With Arbitrum Integration


Meson Network, an innovative decentralized bandwidth marketplace for Web3, is excited to launch the high-availability Arbitrum Decentralization RPC services., made possible by the collective strength of Meson Network's 100,000 decentralized nodes, enhancing RPC applications.

Decentralization has been an enduring cornerstone of the Web3 and metaverse domains. However, the persistent reliance on centralized infrastructure components within the Web3 ecosystem has presented recurring challenges, notably the vulnerability to single points of failure. Concerns such as congestion within RPC node clusters during surges of requests and disruptions to API services have consistently weighed on the collective conscience of the Web3 community.

Meson Network has embarked on a bold and audacious path to address these challenges. We have introduced a highly distributed RPC network. This network excels at assessing and efficiently distributing requests based on latency and synchronization status, effectively distributing the RPC request load across the entire network. The result is a tangible boost in stability, unwavering reliability, and enhanced performance for both end users and applications.


One standout feature that sets Meson Network apart is its fully decentralized nodes, which act as highly anonymous servers for RPC services. This not only eradicates the risk of single points of failure but also significantly heightens user privacy. Requests are randomly routed through the Meson Network, delivering an elevated level of anonymity and data security.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, delivering rapid smart contract transactions and reduced transaction costs. The integration with Meson Network aims to alleviate the centralization issues, ensuring increased reliability and data privacy for its users.

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About Meson Network

Meson Network is building the decentralized bandwidth marketplace for Web3, using a blockchain protocol model to replace the traditional labor-based sales models, consolidating and monetizing idle bandwidth from long-tail users at a low cost. Meson Network is the foundation of data transmission for decentralized storage, computation, and the emerging Web3 Dapp ecosystem.

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