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Gateway X & Its Role in the Meson Cloud: A Deeper Dive


In April 2023, we released a blog introducing Gateway X, its underlying functionalities, and the impact it’s set to have on the Meson Network ecosystem. Our goal was to bring the product into the spotlight and demonstrate its utility from a more technical perspective, using real-life comparisons.

By virtue of design, Gateway X has become a game-changer and is helping pave the way to mass adoption for Meson Network as a whole, providing a central hub that enables seamless data transmission, storage, efficiency, and more.

For our users and community to better understand Gateway X and its role within the Meson Cloud, we’re going to explain it from a broader lens and dive deeper into exactly what it is, the use cases, and its benefits.

If you’re already familiar with Gateway X and want to get started, head over to the main dashboard:

What is Gateway X?

So what exactly is Gateway X? Simply put, it’s a gateway service within the Meson Cloud that acts as a bridge between Web3 protocols (such as Arweave and IPFS) and Web2 infrastructure. Because it integrates cloud services and is built on Meson’s high-tech cloud infrastructure, Gateway X dramatically improves and accelerates the data storage and transmission process on a large scale, revolutionizing the industry in a way never seen before.

More specifically, Gateway X allows users to access data from Web3 storage systems where they can run their own nodes while easily and smoothly accessing data from specified URLs. Furthermore, retrieval speed is much quicker, local storage devices can be directly connected to the network, and storage costs are extremely low, making it a fantastic all-in-one solution.

While IPFS has many benefits, including further decentralizing file hosting and storage and opening the door to global participants, these protocols have become overloaded with demand from users trying to upload content to the same place.

This issue is easily solved by Gateway X, allowing anyone in the world to build their own personalized gateway, thereby taking pressure and demand off the IPFS network while creating more funnels for content/data storage and distribution.

As a whole, Gateway X is far more accessible, fast, efficient, decentralized, storage-friendly, peer-to-peer, and lower cost than other solutions on the market. Say hello to the future, brought to you by Meson Network.

Benefits & Use Cases

Gateway X is a revolutionary technology that comes with several key benefits and use cases for ecosystem participants within the Web3 space:

Simple Onboarding Process: Anyone can quickly and easily set up their own hosting infrastructure through Meson within a few seconds, making onboarding simple Infinite Storage Capacity: Network participants can store an unlimited amount of cached files, solving common storage issues Seamless Data Importing: Users can migrate and back up their Arweave and IPFS files in one simple click, meaning that content can be permanently stored within a robust Web3 infrastructure Ease of Distribution: Users who upload content through Gateway X can easily share and distribute that data to other end users in a fast, seamless, and decentralized manner Censorship Resistant: Gateway X allows users to share any type of content directly through the system, making it resistant to censorship in countries where governments may prohibit the distribution of certain types of content

Existing cloud and file-sharing infrastructures consistently dealt with severe bottlenecks that resulted in a poor UI/UX for network participants. It’s clear that the above features make Gateway X a viable alternative to other gateway networks.

Case Study

To better illustrate a few of the unique benefits that Gateway X brings to the table, let’s explore a short case study.

Assume John is our end user and he lives in Country A. John is a gamer and video creator who has been using cloud-based gateway services for years, where he uploads and shares his content with other friends and users across the globe. Some of the content that he likes to create (and has attempted to upload) is centered around explicit materials, some of which are banned in Country A.

He’s consistently used IPFS for his file uploading and sharing needs and has moderate to low costs with decent bandwidth speeds as a network participant. Recently, he noticed a slowdown due to high network congestion from significant user demand, which has caused a slower experience overall.

A few days later, he comes across Meson Network and begins using Gateway X as an alternative solution. John deploys his hosting infrastructure in seconds through Meson’s dashboard and instantly begins uploading his content - he also notices the unlimited storage capacity and quickly begins moving his existing content in batches via Gateway X.

Not only is his content uploading faster and more efficiently, but it’s also more secure within the Meson Cloud and Gateway X infrastructure. As an added benefit, he starts distributing his video content across the Web3 space without any restrictions or limitations.

The user journey John’s been through is a simple example of what users can experience by using Meson Network’s Gateway X… and it’s only going to get better.

The Future is Here: Your Gateway to the World

Meson Network has big plans to improve and continue to build out the core infrastructure for Gateway X in 2023 and beyond.

We’ll continue to share updates about our progress and what else is to come for Gateway X and the future of our platform - stay tuned!