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Meson Network helps WordPress developers better access to the Web3.0


Meson Network is a Web3.0 bandwidth trading market that uses the blockchain protocol model to integrate idle bandwidth resources and provides the cornerstone of data transmission for Web3.0 infrastructure such as Arweave and IPFS.

As the most popular blog system in the Web2.0 era, WordPress has a huge developer user base, and there are also many enthusiasticses of Web3.0 applications like Arweave and IPFS. Therefore, the WordPress plugin DCDN Engine released by Meson Network helps developers on WordPress quickly experience the DCDN accelerated network from Web3.0.


Install DCDN Engine

Configure DCDN Engine

Included Directories: wp-content,wp-includes
Exclusions: .php

Test Meson Network

Receive trial fee

Developers can get $118+ worth of Meson Network usage fee by completing the following 6 tasks and submitting the link.

  • Register on Meson Network and get 5 USD
  • Write a blog about Meson Network and get 20–100 USD
  • Add a hyperlink to Meson Network at the bottom of the website to get 30 USD
DCDN by <a rel="license" href=""> Meson Network </a>
  • Follow @NetworkMeson on Twitter to get 10 USD
  • Share Meson Network on Twitter and get 5 USD
  • Submit a proposal to DCDN Engine through Issues and get 8 USD

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